Friday, May 22, 2009


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Bonzo Dog Band featured Vivian Stanshall and friends
and coexisted with the WHO, Eric CLapton, the Rolink Stonez,
Led Zepplin, Paul McCartney and all those other brits in the
late heyday period of rock over there.

Of all the mainstream pop/ rock
bands, I think the Bonzos did some of the best records of the period.
They often veered toward comedy, and at least oine of them ended up in
the MONTY PYTHON crew. (which one? look it up !)

One of them used to set off firecrackers and bombs for amusement, and did so on the site of a cancelled rock festival (or something like that..!!)(??)
another band member had swasticas painted on the ceilings at his house,
and another ended up hunting tigers in India (interestingly enough, they has a song: "HUNTING TIGERS OUT IN INDIAH".

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